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Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap materials

Excellent quality of our ferrous and non-ferrous scrap materials, consistent stock and a cast-iron reputation are just a few reasons companies buy from Jansen Recycling Group. Please feel free to contact our export department.  

Decommissioning & dismantling

Jansen Recycling Group has extensive experience with decommissioning and dismantling projects and has the capacity needed to bring them to successful completion. Read further...

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Summer! The perfect moment to stop and think about why we do what we do in our everyday lives. This commercial makes this as clear as a summer’s day. By recycling ferrous and non-ferrous materials, we are preserving our earth's treasures for future generations.

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New yard exceeding expectations

The new Dordrecht yard has been operational for nearly two months now and has been exceeding expectations. Every day, around 2000 tonnes of iron and other metals are delivered. Drivers and visitors are impressed with the yard, which has been designed specifically to quickly and safely unload the scrap.

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Jansen staff day a big success

The Jansen staff day was held on Saturday 1 July. An active part with go-karting, laser tag and sumo wrestling, and a more relaxed part with a BBQ and drinks on the beach in Ouddorp all made for a fantastic day.

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Coaster loaded in Vlaardingen

On 14 June 2017, a coaster was loaded in Vlaardingen for the very first time. The large Liebherr LH80 port crane made short work of loading the ship: the job was done within a day.

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Breakthrough in recycling of contaminated steel scrap

The Dutch Purified Metal Company plans to build a state-of-the-art factory in Delfzijl, which will be used to recycle steel scrap, turning it into a high-quality raw material for the steel industry. Jansen Recycling Group has been involved with this innovative start-up right from day one.

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Non-ferrous relocation complete

The relocation of the non-ferrous yard from Rotterdam to Dordrecht went smoothly and the non-ferrous section of the site opened to deliveries on 15 May 2017. Ferrous and non-ferrous materials are now received and processed at a single mega-site covering 11.5 hectares.

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271-tonne transformer unloaded

A 271-tonne transformer was unloaded at Jansen's dismantling yard in Vlaardingen. The transformer was on board a coaster and was unloaded using the ‘Matador’, a Bonn & Mees sheerleg.

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Mega-yard in Dordrecht nearing completion

Last month, brisk progress was made in the construction of the new non-ferrous yard in Dordrecht. The new section together with the current ferrous area of the yard will create a mega-site covering 11.5 hectares. The routes in the yard have been set out, and preparations are underway for the grand opening on 15 May.

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Scrap shear in Dordrecht good as new

The scrap shear in Dordrecht is back in operation after a major overhaul lasting three weeks. The blade seats and side compressor have been replaced and the conveyor belt has undergone maintenance.

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TV-news item on dismantling production platforms

On Friday 3 March, RTL News broadcast an item on the decommissioning or reuse of oil and gas production platforms, along with video of, and an interview with Jansen Recycling Group in Vlaardingen.

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